Trevor Berrill

Trevor Berrill is an award winning, private consultant in sustainable energy (SE).  He has worked in both renewable energy (RE) and energy efficiency (EE) for over 30 years, including:

  • System design and installation – Solar PV, wind and solar water heating systems, energy efficient building design, energy auditing, site and resource assessment.
  • Research and development at UQ, QUT and GU – solar flat plate collectors, solar PV, wind energy monitoring.
  • Technical training – National course development and delivery in renewable energy training with TAFE, Electro-technology Training Package and CEC.
  • Public education and policy – on behalf of Australian Solar Council.

Recent work includes:

  • Preparation of Sustainable Energy Plans for 2 Darling Downs community groups seeking options to coal mining on their premium farmland, and a detailed analysis of the energy policies of the major political parties in Queensland prior to the 2015 State Election.
  • Energy audits for Boonah Hydrotherapy Centre and West End State School.
  • Design and testing of a solar power aerator/circulator for lakes and dams for Clayton Engineering.
  • Feasibility study of solar refrigerated meat delivery trucks for IMT Food Services.
  • Inspection of residential PV systems with poor performance.

He was branch president of the Australian Solar Energy Society (now Australian Solar Council) in the 1990s and is a founding member in Queensland of the Alternative Technology Association and Wind Energy Association.

Trevor is trained in mechanical engineering and energy auditing at QUT and has a Masters of Environmental Education degree from Griffith University. He lives in a fully solar powered, energy efficient home and he regularly does applied wind energy research (wind surfing) at Wellington Point, just to test the power of the wind.

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