Our Philosophy

Across Queensland the natural and human environments are being eroded by poor policies that are out of touch with community aspirations and run counter to contemporary insights from the fields of environmental science, sociology and economics.

Queensland is blessed by a tropical / sub-tropical climate, rich and diverse natural and social capital as well as the potential for a vibrant multi-dimensional economy.  Together, these alluring attributes attract large numbers of people and businesses to the state every year adding to its vitality and vibrancy. Underpinning the state’s potential is a foundation of bioregional environments that provide essential natural goods and services that are fundamental  to a sustainable, healthy, functioning and prosperous State.

Many professionals making a living in environmental and economic consulting, project management and academia are deeply concerned about the lack of leadership being shown by elected representatives and key corporate decision makers, and the lack of interest in evidence based decision making.

Sustainable Queensland is a portal for concerned professionals to share their expertise with the broader community, providing an expert vision of an alternative, sustainable way of doing business, an alternative narrative of what Queensland could look like based on the latest insights in the natural and human sciences.

Simson DessertOur Commitment to Queensland

Sustainable Queensland understands the complex interactions between physical, ecological, social and economic systems and the balancing act required by government and the community when formulating policy and making investment decisions for the long term health and prosperity of the State.

As a group of committed professionals, with a long history of service to the Queensland community, we consider it our social and professional obligation to apply our experience and expertise to:

  • Increase public understanding of socio ecological issues facing Queensland and of possible sustainable public and private sector responses to these issues; and
  • Assist policy formation and drive innovation and continuous improvement in practice in the State.

Our Role

Sustainable Queensland aims to provide advisory, analysis and educational services to government, non-government organisations, peak industry groups, research bodies, and community organisations in Queensland.

Our Principles

Sustainable Queensland is founded on collegiality and the sharing of knowledge and experience for the common good.

Our core principles are:

  • The broadest possible consideration must be given to any decision or piece of advice.
  • Intergenerational equity must take precedent over a short term benefit.
  • Sustainable economic development must deliver net social and environmental gain.
  • The value of an environmental asset appreciates with time.
  • The value of an engineered asset depreciates with time.
  • A full Benefit Cost Assessment, incorporating social, economic and environmental factors, must underpin any policy or regulatory reform.