Mick Smith

Mick is an aquatic ecologist with over 20 years of experience working on wetlands, lakes, creeks, rivers and estuaries, mainly in Queensland.  Mick has worked for local and state governments, Griffith University, and in close partnership with non-government organisations.  This experience has given him an appreciation of waterway management challenges from a range of different perspectives.

Mick has experience in waterway management planning, river restoration, and waterway health monitoring.  He was responsible for the establishment of the Healthy Waterways freshwater Ecosystem Health Monitoring Program and produced the first report card on the health of southeast Queensland’s rivers and their catchments.

Mick is passionate about the development and implementation of clear and effective policy, and the application of practical and affordable techniques to achieve healthy working rivers: rivers that support people, agriculture, and healthy aquatic ecosystems.

Mick has a Bachelor of Science (Hons 1) from the Australian National University and in 2008 was awarded a Churchill Fellowship to investigate climate change adaptation for aquatic environments.

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